Our Story

The Kenda Story

Think all tires look the same? Look closely and you'll see that Kenda Tires perform to the highest standards across several different categories. For the past 50 years, Kenda has been building a better tire for life's most demanding activities. Actually, they overbuild them to ensure you succeed safely in everything you do.

Kenda has a winning track record. Kenda's breadth of experience in their field remains unmatched. From industrial to passenger car tires - Kenda is the only tire company with a wide product offering designed for the most demanding applications. What's the advantage? With a well-rounded history of expertise, Kenda engineers know exactly what goes into a making a better tire, from bikes to ATV and more. It's the in-depth experience across these segments that set Kenda apart from the rest.

Kenda is paving the road to a better tire. Kenda tires are overbuilt to guarantee solid performance and consistently ensure you get the most out of your investment. They are strategically designed down to the smallest detail to meet today's most rugged challenges, whether that's at the top of the summit or a road trip in a snowstorm. To keep up with your changing needs, Kenda engineers are constantly working to make improvements, enhancing durability and overall performance. With a relentless commitment to be the best, all Kenda tires exceed regulations and standards to ensure you can move forward safely.

Driven to Build a Better Tire

Kenda continuously strives to exceed your expectations when it comes to the quality of your investment. And their team is dedicated to providing the highest standards of excellence in customer service. Through dedicated research and development, Kenda is always open to feedback from dealers and customers like you - an attentiveness rooted deep within the Kenda culture. This process helps to make up Kenda's Continuous Improvement Programs, designed to give you peace of mind by knowing your tires are tested and retested until guaranteed to meet all of your demanding performance challenges.  

This rigorous examination protocol includes energy, endurance and high speed testing. Each Kenda tire has exceeded regulations from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards to deliver indisputable quality and safety.

A History of Innovation Since 1962

Through continuous innovation, Kenda has grown to be a leading manufacturer of bicycle, motorcycle, ATV, industrial, trailer and automotive tires. Kenda's recent innovation milestones include:

  • 2002

    K1010 Nevegal


    In 2002, with design input from mountain bike racing legends, Kenda developed the Nevegal. The Nevegal's popular tread pattern featuring Stick-E compound performed wildly beyond expectations in a variety of rugged trail conditions. Today, the tire is still rated among the top in the world by mountain biking professionals, recreational riders and industry experts. The Nevegal has also been voted the #1 tread pattern three years in a row by MBA Magazine.

  • 2001

    K771 Millville


    In 2001 Kenda brought its first Motocross/ Off-Road tire to market. With the Millville tire, Kenda debuted the first Sticky race tire compound, generating more traction for a better ride. The increased stability was a unique advantage for riders resulting in an overall safer experience. This innovative technology led to today's full line of MX tires for all terrains.

  • 1998


    Turf / Trailer / Specialty

    In 1998, Kenda was the first to convert to metric sizing when they developed the K399 low profile trailer line. The modern tread design allowed for better towing stability and decreased rolling resistance. With improved performance and reduced cost, the K399 was quickly used as a model for competitors and recognized as the industry's new standard tread pattern.

  • 1996


    Turf / Trailer / Specialty

    Developed in 1996, Kenda introduced the K500 with enhanced 4-ply tires for outstanding traction and a better tread life in all lawn care applications. Featuring a round shoulder design for front tires and a square shoulder for rear tires, the K500 keeps the tread in contact with the turf for increased agility and a better grip. Kenda's K500 has since become an industry standard throughout the lawn and garden market.

    K389 Hole-N-1

    Turf / Trailer / Specialty

    In 1996, a simple redesign led to a precedent that continues to distinguish the Kenda golf line today. The Hole-N-1 was designed with an attractive appearance and a unique rounded shoulder to decrease turf damage. It has since become the model for further tire developments.

  • 1994

    K299 Bearclaw


    In 1994, Kenda introduced the Bearclaw - the first ATV tire to feature a 6-ply heavy-duty casing and an effective tread pattern to dig into rough terrain for maximum traction. The tire was also the first to incorporate a special tear and snag resistant material to extend tread life and protect against punctures. The Bearclaw's success was so overwhelming that Kenda extended it to include 23 sizes, for all major utility applications.