Casing Technology

Tire casing is the fabric that the rubber compound adheres to. The fabric of the casing can be made in varying thickness and threads per inch (TPI). Generally, the higher the TPI number, the more supple the tire sidewall will feel and flex. This means a more comfortable ride compared to that of a lower TPI casing. The casings can be treated and reinforced with various materials in order to achieve different degrees of puncture resistance and ride qualities.

Iron Cloak

IRON CLOAK Kenda's best puncture resistant material, a blend of Aramid fibers, is laid up on the tire casing from bead to bead. Not only does this provide puncture protection underneath the tread of the tire, but it also reinforces the tire side walls minimizing slashes or tears; with a minimal addition to the overall tire weight.

Iron Cloak Belt

IRON CLOAK BELT A thin strip of Kenda's best puncture resistant material, Iron Cloak, built in directly underneath the tread rubber only, for added puncture protection and minimal weight. Iron Cloak Belt lets you rest assured that your tires are durable, but light and super supple for the ultimate in riding performance.

Iron Cap

IRON CAP A layer of material that runs from bead to bead under the tread to prevent flats. IRON CAP combines some of the technology from the high-end IRON CLOAK material without all the added cost.

Iron Cap Belt

IRON CAP BELT Utilizing the same protective material that is in the full Iron Cap protection but limited to just under the tread surface, offering added puncture protection at a minimal cost and weight addition. Previously known as PRC2.

Casing Added Protection

CASING ADDED PROTECTION CAP or CAP PLY as it has been referred to is an added layer of material that is under the tread area and runs from bead to bead. Generally used in Kenda Premium Downhill Tires as a puncture resistant material designed to prevent pinch flats.

K Shield

K-SHIELD A layer of aramid and ceramic particles inside the tire under the tread area only. Designed to prevent punctures. This is Kenda's first line of defense against punctures.

K Shield Plus

K-SHIELD PLUS A plus size version of the standard K-Shield material. Five millimeters thick, the layer of aramid and ceramic particles under the tread surface serves to prevent punctures and provide extra comfort on the road. A premium version of Kenda's first line of flat protection at minimal cost.


ENDURANCE The new standard for Kenda in maximum flat protection, available in two different levels of protection and price. The premium level combines a 120tpi casing wrapped from folding bead to folding bead in Aramid Iron Cloak fibers and then topped with K-Shield under the tread rubber. The performance level wraps Iron Cap across a 60tpi wire bead casing and is then topped off with K-Shield under the tread rubber.