Kwick Series Kwick Tendril

Kwick Tendril


The Tendril is a blend of durability, efficiency, and control. The center of tire has a continuous ridge designed to allow the tire to roll effortlessly, while the corners of the tire have just enough tread to grip on city streets, bike paths, or dirt roads.

  • Smooth, minimal tread tire for city, bike path or commuting use
  • Continuous center ridge for added speed and easy pedaling
  • Iron Cap
    A layer of material that runs from bead to bead under the tread to prevent flats. IRON CAP combines some of the technology from the top of the line IRON CLOAK material without all the added cost.
  • Standard Rubber Compound
    Found mainly on Kenda’s K-Generation tires, SRC combines the best attributes of low rolling resistance, extreme durability and tread longevity into one universal package that benefits riders of all disciplines.
  • Dry Pavement
    Best for Dry Pavement
  • Wet Pavement
    Best for Wet Pavement
  • Kwick Series
    The Kwick Series tires have been designed around a very simple idea; to create a line of tires that focuses on durability, safety, and comfort for those riders who use their bikes to compliment life. “More Life, Less Worry” is the motto we use when referring to these tires. So, go out and ride the bike to the beach, work, store, or to spend time with your family without worry of whether your tires will get you there.
  • Technical Specs

  • Part No. Size ETRTO Max PSI TPI Compound Protection Bead Weight (Grams)
    212860 700x38c 38-622 85 60 SRC Iron Cap Folding 570±25
    212861 700x35c 35-622 85 60 SRC Iron Cap Folding 530±25
    212862 700x32c 32-622 85 60 SRC Iron Cap Folding 465±20
    212863 700x28c 28-622 100 60 SRC Iron Cap Folding 330±15
    212864 700x25c 25-622 125 60 SRC Iron Cap Folding 320±15
    212865 26x1.75 44-559 60 60 SRC Iron Cap Folding 655±30
    212866 26x1.50 40-559 85 60 SRC Iron Cap Folding 555±25
    212878 27x1 1/4 32-630 100 60 SRC Iron Cap Wire TBD