Road Volare


Kenda’s professional level, best performing tubular, combining modern day performance with old world craftsmanship. The supple handmade 300tpi casing, featuring Iron Cloak Belt (ICB) flat protection under the tread makes the Volare fast rolling while also maintaining a long tire life. Cornering on the Volare is predictable and confidence inspiring, a rounded profile that provides consistent traction regardless of lean angle.

  • Our pro-level tubular tire combines the latest technology with proven craftsmanship
  • A handmade 300tpi carcass with Iron Cloak Belt (IBC) puncture protection under the tread
  • Latex tube for less weight and better rolling resistance. With improved puncture protection
  • Iron Cloak Belt
    Kenda’s best puncture resistant material, Iron Cloak Belt (ICB) is a lightweight layer of material applied under the tread rubber only for added puncture protection with minimal weight gain. ICB lets you rest assured that your tires are durable, but remain lightweight for the ultimate in performance.
  • Handmade
    This product is handmade.
  • Natural Rubber Compund
  • Dry Pavement
    Best for Dry Pavement
  • Technical Specs

  • Part No. Size ETRTO Valve Type Max PSI TPI Compound Protection Weight (Grams)
    212753 700x24c 24-622 Presta Removable 200 300 NRC ICB 268±10
    212750 700x22c 22-622 Presta Removable 200 300 NRC ICB 250±10