KENDA approaches the UK Market with exciting Sales, Import and Marketing Model

October 18, 2023 / General Corporate News

Last Month KENDA Europe announced Pim Ramselaar as the UK Sales Manager for Bicycle. Pim’s appointment is part of a formulated plan to re-enter the UK with a focused supply chain and market approach.  

KENDA stands among the world’s top five bicycle tyre manufacturers and has proudly produced bicycle tyres since its inception in 1962. In addition to established offices and operations in the US, Asia and Europe, the company boasts a dedicated bicycle tyre development facility in Akron, Ohio.

In the UK, KENDA enjoyed a successful 40-year partnership with Moore Large until the distributor ceased its operations in March 2023. KENDA has used their hiatus from the UK market to fortify their European growth strategy and execute an exciting corporate rebranding. The appointment of Pim as KENDA’s new UK Sales Manager positions them perfectly for re-entry into the UK market.

In addition to a dedicated Sales Manager for the UK, KENDA Europe’s new approach is focused on providing distributors with more flexibility and a UK-targeted marketing effort.

A cornerstone of the new approach is utilising their partner company STARCO GB’s operations centre in Rugeley, North Birmingham to grant distributors more varied sourcing options. The synergy of KENDA’s own global manufacturing setup and a UK-based operations site empowers sourcing based on smaller quantities and shorter timescales in addition to a direct-from-factory shipment model.  

UK KENDA Riders Tom Isted (left) and Sam Reynolds (right). Photos @Syo van Vliet and Ryan Franklin.

UK KENDA Riders Tom Isted (left) and Sam Reynolds (right). Photos @Syo van Vliet and Ryan Franklin.

Another attractive facet of the new strategy is the establishment of a UK-based sales office connected to specialised European marketing resources. KENDA will continue to collaborate with household names in the UK riding scene, such as Sam Reynolds and Tom Isted, while increasing their brand reach to the UK trade and consumer base.

While the UK market approach is new, KENDA will continue to provide their tyre solutions to well-known brands such as Frog, Scott and Carrera as well as E-Cargo and Micromobility companies.

On the product front, KENDA is poised to re-enter the UK with an exciting range of quality tyres spanning different categories and price points. Their American Technical Centre has bolstered their gravel and performance MTB portfolio with the ALLUVIUM and HELLKAT series, and recently developed the micromobility Kwick Series and the specialised E-Cargo Kwick Drumlin tyre.

With a flexible and dedicated setup, KENDA is ready to return to the UK market with exciting prospects ahead.

If you have any inquiries or would like to discuss supply arrangements please contact Sales Manager Pim Ramselaar at